Happy Tails

This page is dedicated to our successes.
These are some of the Poms who have passed through our care.  They are now living in wonderful loving homes.
~None listed on this page are available, they all now have furever homes.~
Please refer to our Available page for dogs that are looking for families.

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Riddle of the day - What is ? + ? and has springs in his feet - Answer Tyrion!
My guess is ? + ? = Doxie + Yorkie... maybe...

Tyrion is our perpetual motion machine. He will be joining a young couple who will have fun
finding all the wiggles and putting the leaps to good work.












-Princess and Texas-
Princess and Texas did not arrive here together or from the same place, but they now have a wonderful forever home together with two wonderful ladies.





-Mace Windu-



-Spidie Man-



-Wookie aka Shakie, Shake Rattle and Roll-


This is the most amazing placement.  Sharon and Eric have adopted from me before.  When I received these Poms, Sally was having issues with her knee and my intention was to keep her for a bit to see how progressed and if more treatment was going to be necessary.  Sharon and Eric jumped in without hesitation falling in love with Sally's sweet and silly personality immediately.  They have experience working with knee issues in little dogs and are totally committed to giving Sally whatever care her knee needs in the future.  Feeling very blessed today that we have such wonderful people who touch our lives.  I know that Sally is going to receive the very best.










-Baby Dallas-








In 2015
Rescues - 105 (30 Pomeranian & Pom Mix, 38 from Oregon Shelters)
Placements - 103 including 5 special needs and 23 Seniors ( 13 - 9 years and over and 10 - 8 years )
Financial needs assistance -  12 instances

Click here to see some of those placements.





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